Zarabis R-litter was born during the night between the 21st and 22nd of January 2015. The three males and five bitches were of different shades of black&tan, despite of one boy and one girl, that were grizzle particolours.

The weight of the puppies was the 22nd of January the following, in the order of birth.

1. Grizzle particolour girl, 448 grams, later on Fi LCCh, Se LCCh, CVM-17=Finnish lure coursing cup winner 2017 Zarabis Reema "Kuura". Kuura was the best lure coursing saluki bitch of the Finnish Saluki Club and also the Finnish Sighthound Association during the season 2016.

Photo Tuuli Soukka 21.2.2015

2. Black & tan boy, white ankle socks, black neck, 438 grams, later on Zarabis Raahil

3. Black & tan girl, white toe socks, black neck, 465 grams, later on Fi LCCh Zarabis Rezzan "Malala".

4. Black & tan girl, right white front leg sock longer, 460 grams, later on Ru Ch, RKF Ch Zarabis Razaana

5. Black & tan boy, white half knee socks, narrow white marking on the neck, 430 grams, later on Zarabis Raamis

6. Black & tan girl, petite, white ankle socks, 354 grams,later on Junior Winner 2015, Fi LCCh, Fi Ch Zarabis Rosalia

Kuusisto Zarabis R 018

Photo Tuuli Soukko 21.2.2015

7. Black & tan girl, left white front leg sock longer, 492 grams,later on SMM 2017, SMM 2016, Fi LCCh Zarabis Raidah "Raida". Raida has been twice the winner of Finnish lure coursing championships.

8. Grizzle particolour boy, 390 grams, later on Fi LCCh, Se LCCh, TS-17=the winner of racing sprinter championships 2017 Zarabis Reyhan "Topi"

Kuusisto Zarabis R 109

Photo Tuuli Soukka 21.2.2015

The mother of our litter is C.I.C. Fi Ee LCCH Ee Ch Zarabis Oaisara "Sara".


Sara August 2011, Photo Jessica Bolander

According to the puppy ultrasound the 22nd of December Sara was going to have at least five puppies in the end of January 2015. The actual amount of puppies was eight. 

Sara is a vary calm and easy going saluki and has a big respect on the people taking care of her. Sara approaches her favourite people with full of joy, otherwise Sara is ignorant in front of strangers.

Sara's height is 62-63 cm on the shoulders and the weight is about 19 kg, which means that Sara is smaller than an average contemporary saluki bitch, and about a medium size saluki bitch a couple of decades ago.

Sara's inbreeding-% of 5 generations is 0% and for 10 generations 3,15%, number of foundation salukis in the pedigree is 48.

The father of the Zarabis R-litter is  Khronos min al Asife

Khronos is the father of the Zarabis Q-litter of Sara's sister Zarabis Odezia the 20th of November 2013. 

Khronos was imported from Belgium in Spring 2011 and is owned by family Lehmusto in Turku.

Khronos is coming from well-known beauty & performance saluki lines. Behind Khronos there are some of the most well-respected contemporary salukis from the countries of origin, especially from Iran and Turkey. The siblings of Khronos' father have been many times winners and among TOP-3 of European and World racing championships and also lure coursing championships, as also Khronos' grandfather from mother's side.

roope small 18012014

Khronos the 18th of January 2014 at an age of 3 years. Photo Pasi Soininen

Khronos has racing licence and Khronos has been able to run 480 meters in 33,90 seconds. Khronos attended lure coursing trials only during the part of the season 2012, but Khronos became the best saluki lure coursing male according to the TOP list of the Finnish Sighthound Association. During the season 2013 Khronos was the second best male. Khronos is Finnish, Estonian and Latvian lure coursing champion.

Khronos' and Sara's fathers were running together at the European championships in Jubbega in Holland year 2006 when Sara's father Malcolm became European racing champion. 


Khronos' father Ceshan Y-Shirvan and Sara's father Zarabis Malcolm in Jubbega Holland year 2006.

The inbreeding-% (PawPeds) of the litter is for 5 generations is 0 % and the complete inbreeding-% for the whole ancestry is as low as 6,3 %, The number of foundation salukis in the pedigree is as many as 58. The closest joint ancestor of Odessa and Khronos is on the level of 6th generation. This saluki bitch is the legendary Boncuk from Turkey born year 1981, behind many successful show, racing and lure couring salukis all around the Europe.

Khronos min al Asife & Zarabis Oaisara, Inbreeding = 0,0%

C.I.C. Ee Lv Lt Balt By JCh LtJW-12 Fi Ee Lv LCCh  LvLCW-13 By Ee Ch Khronos Min al Asife, black grizzle, 2011-01-15,  Imported from Belgium


Father line Sahand von Iransamin, Iran 1989

Mother line Sheila of Amman, Israel 1921 (Nablous)

LRS-06, -08, DKM-08, BRS - VDH-08, ID-08 S/L
Ceshan Y-Shirvan, black grizzle, 2003-01-09, Germany
De Ch De RCh De Ch S/L, ID 99, LRS Nord 00 Ilchan Tizpa el Taschara, tan grizzle, 1995-08-24, Germany De RCh Sahand von Iransamin (Imp. Iran), grizzle, 1989-02-02, Imported from Iran
Gouhar el Taschara, grizzle, 1990-02-22, Germany
Thali Y-Shirvan, black & silver, 1995-07-28, Belgium Lux VDH RCh, European and World Racing Ch Kerim el Riad, grizzle, 1992-02-10, Germany
Ch Baruffa el Bachram, black & silver, 6.10.1986, Germany
C.I.C. Bel LCCh Dordjouba min al Asife, grizzle, 2004-03-17, Belgium C.I.B., NL, Bel, Lux VDH, DWZRV Ch,  C.I.T. Fr Bel LCCh, Winner Holland Coursing Cup 05, European Coursing Ch 03,  N.V.O.W. Ch S/L 05 Ejaddimimoun el Ghafiri, grizzle, 2001-10-22, Germany C.I.B. Lux Ch, C.I.T. Dutch LCCh, Winner Holland Coursing Cup 97, 98, 00 Hamid of Kimberly House, 1996-01-10, Netherlands
Cur'cuna el Ghafiri, black & silver, 1995-05-08, Germany
C.I.C. Vatoosa min al Asife, black & silver, 1997-02-13, Belgium INT CH Fel-Fel des Hauts de Heurteloup, red, black fringes, 1990-09-24, France
C.I.C. Qari min al Asife, silver grizzle, 1992-02-15, Belgium

C.I.C, Fi Ee LCCh Ee Ch Zarabis Oaisara, black&fawn, 2008-11-08, Finland

Father line Arabic Walad el Kharram, Egypt late 1940'ies

Mother line Hoshah el Bahrein, Saudi Arabia 1920'ies


C.I.C. Fin Ch, Fin LCCh, Fin RCh TS-06, -07, DV-06, SM-06, European Racing Ch 06, JK-06, PMM-07, VM-09  Zarabis Malcolm, red sable, 2003-01-03, Finland NORD S FIN DK CH Yebelli's Emir, red sable, 1998-07-03, Sweden NORD S FIN CH Kirman Kassim, golden, 1995-11-03, Imported from Finland
N S CH Yebelli's Chantie, red, 1993-03-09, Sweden
FIN S CH Asarafi Hierbabuena, cream, 1996-07-19, Finland Ibinores Khashendi, cream, 1992-08-03, Imported from Sweden
FIN CH Asarafi Babuneh, black & fawn, 1988-02-01, Finland

C.I.B FIN Ee Lv Lt Balt By CH RKFW Wallaby's Xeer Wi-Ijal, golden, 2005-08-03, Finland

FIN CH Tasia Eminence, black, white & tan, 2003-02-22, Imported from UK GB CH Timaru Valkyrie of Jazirat, fawn, black fringes, 1997-04-30, Imported from USA
CH Altaya Tasmayah at Tasia, fawn, black fringes, 1998-03-01, UK
Wallaby's Tab-Asir Tajila, cream, 2000-01-09, Finland Pari-Was Arames-Tabasir, creme, wh. marks, 1996-01-28, Imported from Germany
Wallaby's O'Shalimar, liver grizzle, 1996-01-11, Finland

Sara and Khronos have attended heart scanning without signs of inherited heart diseases. The set of autoimmune (DLA haplotype) genes of Sara and Khronos are different, Sara is homozygous. Sara and Khronos have given their samples for their MyDogDNA passports. Sara's Genetic Health Index (GHI) is 100 and Khronos' 108. GHI for the puppies tested have been between 109-111. Sara's eyes haven been checked clear from inherited eye diseases. Khronos has one lacrimal duct missing. The DNA heterozygosity level of the puppies tested has been on a good level of 36,7-37,8%. 

The summany below explains the colour genes of Khronos and Sara. Part of the colour genes are gene tested (MyDogDNA) and the rest are assumptions.The colour inheritance should be very simple, Khronos and Sara are most likely able to have black grizzle puppies and also black & fawn/silver puppies are possible. The puppies will have white Irish markings with dots on white of the colour of the main coat colour. We know that Khronos and Sara's father and sister carry piebald spotting, therefore there is a possibility for particolour puppies, or at least increased white markings. Golden colour as a dilution from black is not possible. And so it was, but grizzles became particolour grizzles. 

Sara is carrying the recessive version of the dominant wild colour type of the wolf as a "mutation back", because black&tan/fawn/silver is originally a mutation of the wild type. The most common opinion of the order of dominance between the genes of the A locus is ay > aw=wild type > at > a. This means that the at+ aw Sara has a personal, not inherited, mutation from black&tan atto the resessive version of aw. 

Color Distribution Khronos Sara
S - Self colour, full pigmentation - little or no white on the dog no no
si - Irish spotting - 5% to 30% white yes yes
sp - Piebald spotting - 20% to 80% white, *2=particolour no yes
sw - Extreme white piebald - white all over except for ears yes no
Colour Distribution Genes Khronos Sara
KB - dominant black no no
kbr - brindle, causes stripes on red and bi-colour no no
ky - normal pattern of red and bi-colour yes *2 yes *2
ay - red, dominant to tan points, *2 or *1+at=red or fawn (with black fringes) no no
at - bi-colour (tan points), *2=black&tan yes *2 yes
aw - agouti, the "wild" type, very seldomly seen with salukis no yes
a -recessive black no no
T - ticking, dots on the white part of the coat yes yes
t - no ticking ? ?
Colour Expression Genes Khronos Sara
EM - black mask no no

EG - grizzle, visible if not dominant black, red or black mask present (there is no explanation why about 1/6 puppies of a large scale saluki population, of at+at parents, are grizzle. The explanation might be the simple fact that grizzle is not dominant to E.)

yes *2 no
E - allows black if present due to other genes no yes
e - prevents black appearing anywhere in the coat, *2=golden no yes

Colour Dilution Genes (the existence of C and D dilutions are based on assumptions)

Khronos Sara
B - black (no dilution) yes yes
b - brown, *2=liver no no
C - full pigmentation yes yes
cch - dilution?, *2=cream yes yes
cd - extreme dilution no no
D - black (no dilution) yes yes
d - blue (all black is diluted to blue), *2=blue/grey no no

You will find an example of a puppy temperament testing procedure as follows. You should be certain about that the puppy suits together with you, your expectations and your lifestyle.