FI LCCH, EE LCCH, SMM-12 Zarabis Odezia


Odessa is the mother to Zarabis Q-litter 2013.

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Odessa in August 2011

Odessa was born the 8th of November, 2008 and died the 4th of March 2021 without being sick. Until the end Odessa was full of energy and enthusiasm. Odessa was the first puppy and the first bitch of five in a litter of ten puppies.
Inbreeding - %: 8 generations 1,1% and all known generations 13,1%.
Father line leads to Arabic Walad el Kharram (Samoems) and mother line leads to Hosha el Bahrein (Sheba Mazuri)
Breeder and owner: kennel Zarabis, Ritva and Jari Latva-Rasku.

My Dog DNA
Genetic Diversity (situation the 18th of Aug 2015)
Zarabis Odezia 36.5%
Saluki 35.9%
(> 30 tested dogs)
General Health Index 106

Odessa was able to reach the title of Finnish lure coursing champion without major delays. Odessa didn't qualify for the certificate at only one trial before the championship, consisting of five certificates.
Odessa has one working CACIL from the season 2011 and one reserve CACIL from the season 2012 and 2013. Odessa missed 1 CACIL and 1 reserve CACIL during the season 2010, because Odessa's result Excellent from an international dog show was received 1 day too early.

Odessa won her 1st lure coursing at an age of 1½ years. After attending lure coursing in Finland first 19 times, Odessa reached at least 4th position 18 times. Once Odessa fell down at a sharp turning and became 6th.
Odessa's positions at the Finnish lure coursing championships have been 2010=3, 2011=2 and 2012=1.
At the Finnish lure coursing Cup finals Odessa's positions have been 2011=3 and 2012=4.
At the Derby year 2011 Odessa became third.
Odessa was elected to the Finnish team for the lure coursing European championships during the seasons 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Odessa has the racing license.

Odessa has before the end of year 2013 attended dog shows 19 times and has once been BB-4. Odessa has received excellent 11 times. Odessa enjoys new occasions, but is alert and demanding to handle at the shows. 

Odessa was the 5th best lure coursing saluki at the TOP-list of the Finnish Saluki Club during the season 2010, and the best newcomer of the bitches. The total number of salukis that attended lure coursing during the season 2010 was a record high 147. Odessa was the second best bitch at the TOP-list of the Finnish Sighthound Association year 2010.

Odessa became the winner of the lure coursing TOP-list of the Finnish Saluki Club year 2011, with the biggest point difference so far. Odessa was also the best bitch at the TOP-list of the Finnish Sighthound Association. In the end of the year 2011 Odessa was leading the European TOP-list together with her brother Oldooz "Hessu".

During the season 2012, Odessa's position at the lure coursing TOP-list of the Finnish Saluki Club was 2nd and year 2013 7th. Season 2013 was interrupted by the mating season for Odessa's litter born the 20th of November. At the TOP-list of the Finnish Sighthound Association Odessa became 4th best bitch year 2012 and 8th season 2013.

More information will be found at the website of the Finnish Saluki Club and at the website of the Finnish Kennel Club.

August 2011

August 2011

zarabis odezia 26022011 dsmall

Odessa at an age of two years and three months

zarabis odezia 26022011 a

Odessa at an age of two years and three months


Odessa at an younger age