C.I.C, FI CH, FI RCH, FI LCCH, TS-06, TS-07, DV-06, SM-06, European racing champion-06, JK-06, PMM-07, VM-09 Zarabis Malcolm


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Malcolm in August 2011

Malcolm was born the 3rd of January, 2003 and passed away during the night the 15th of January 2013 at an age of 10 years.

The young Malcolm was the favourite of his mother Saara. Malcolm's brother Otto and sister Millie were not allowed to enter the sofa of Saara, but Malcolm was the accepted and beloved visitor to approach his strong-minded mother. Saara handed over her leadership to Malcolm.

Malcolm was playful during his whole life. If there was nobody to play with Malcolm, Malcolm invented ways to fool around by himself. Malcolm was now and then doing the slow motion ghost-walking by the fireplace. It was like mental training to relax.

Malcolm had a good health condition until the last hours of his life. The hemangiosarcoma tumour had covered the surroundings of his spleen and the operation couldn't safe his life. We miss a lot the intelligent, brave and gentle leader of our salukis, the eager, curious and envious Malcolm.

Inbreeding - %: 8 generations 3,3% and 16 generations 14,8%
Father line leads to Arabic Walad el Kharram (Samoems) and mother line leads to Hoshah el Bahrein (Sheba Mazuri)
Breeder and owner: kennel Zarabis, Ritva and Jari Latva-Rasku.

My Dog DNA
Genetic Diversity (situation the 18th of Aug 2015)
Zarabis Malcolm 34,9%
Saluki 35.9%
(> 30 tested dogs)
General Health Index 102


Malcolm is the father to Zarabis O-litter 2008, Kirman B-litter 2007 and Al A'lim I-litter 2006.

5 + 5 born 8 and 9/11 2008
For more information and photos on the O-litters own page.

3+2 born 11/11 2007
For more information, visit Kirman B-litter page here

5+3 born 3/12 2006

VDH Ch, Landessieger Nord/MV-09
Ihmz Ben Malcolm (D)

Ismir Ben Malcolm (D)



Izmar Ben Malcolm (D)

Landessieger Nord/MV-09
Ibis Bint Hamira (B)

Indra Bint Hamira (B)



Inaya Bint Hamira (B)

Ishendi Ben Malcolm (D)

I'smet Ben Malcolm (D)





Malcolm became Finnish lure coursing champion and the 9th triple (Ch, RCh, LCCh) champion in Finland the 5th of August 2006. Before this rare honour he was awarded the title of Finnish champion the 17th of April 2006 and Finnish racing champion the 25th of May 2006.
Malcolm has 3 working CACIL and 4 reserve CACIL. Malcolm is an international working champion C.I.C.

At the FCI European racing championships 3rd of September 2006 in Jubbega, Holland, Malcolm became so far the only Nordic saluki ever winning the title of FCI European racing champion. Malcolm reached the 7th position at the European lure coursing championships in Mustiala, Finland 1st of July 2006. 

The season 2006 was the best of Malcolm. He was able to win every title awarding race in Finland and became the winner of sprinter championships (TS-06), Derby (DV-06), Finnish championships (SM-06), European championships (EM-06) and “Kingship” race (JK-06).  Malcolm also reached the 2nd position at the lure coursing derby of the year 2006.
Year 2007 Malcolm became the winner of the first Nordic lure coursing championships (PMM-07) and was also able to win the racing sprinter championships (TS-07).


Summer 2008 Malcolm was injured, but during the season 2009 Malcolm won the racing veteran championships (VM-09) and reached 2nd position at the lure coursing Finnish championships and also veteran championships.
As late as year 2010 Malcolm became 2nd after his son Konrad at the Finnish Cup finals.

Malcolm has several racing track records, Tampere 17th of June 2006, 19,35s/280 m, Helsinki 8th of July 2006, 32,15s/480m, Hyvinkää 13th of August 2006, 32,75s/480m, Turku 10th of September 2006, 19,68s/280m and 33,56s/480m. Most part of the records are still valid.

Malcolm was able to run 480 meters 9 times faster than 33 seconds at official races and was able to win a race 38 times.
At an age of almost 8½ years Malcolm was so far the oldest sighthound ever to be invited to the invitational Lure Coursing Finnish Cup trial of the best lure coursing salukis from the previous year.

Before the end of year 2010 Malcolm attended 57 dog shows in Finland. The judgement was 46 times excellent. Before becoming Fi Ch Malcolm was awarded 5 times with a reserve certificate.

Malcolm’s position at the yearly Saluki racing statistics in Finland has been 2005=5th, 2006=1st, 2007=1st, 2009=10th.
Malcolm’s position at the yearly Saluki lure coursing statistics in Finland has been 2006=5th, 2007=4th, 2009=6th. At the statistics of the Finnish Sighthound Association Malcolm was the 2nd best male in lure coursing year 2009 and year 2010 still 8th .
Year 2007 Malcolm was the winner of Joni’s memorial beauty and performance trophy. Year 2010 Malcolm was the 5th best breeding saluki in Finland based on the show results of the offspring.

More results will be found at the homepages of the Finnish Saluki Club (Suomen Salukikerho) at http://www.saluki.fi/tuloksia_e.html and at the homepage of the Finnish Kennel Club (Suomen Kennelliitto) http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmEtusivu.aspx

August 2011

August 2011