Zarabis N-litter

(1+1), born the 27th of September 2007
Fin Ch Tasia Eminence and Zarabis Miriam

Nidal (D)

Najat (B) photo Minna Pikkarainen

The litter was born after the second mating trial.

The puppies were born with c-section. The big male of 650 grams was fastened in the delivery channel. The veterinary thought that the puppy was dead still in the delivery channel, but suddenly the puppy started to suck the finger top touching his head. Therefore the puppy’s Arabic name is Nidal or “struggle”. Nidal’s sister was safely waiting for her turn and received the name Najat or “safety”. Nidal has been fighting for his share of mother’s milk. His weight was 1,3 kilograms at an age of six days. As you can imagine Nidal or "Lalli" became bigger than average saluki.

The parents of the puppies are with purpose very distant relatives to each other. Toto was carefully chosen and imported from England Spring 2003 for the sake of this litter. Toto’s father Kyrie has been in England the saluki stud dog of the year an unprecedented eight times in a row and Toto’s mother Tasmin is coming from the only known litter in England where all four litter mates are champions. Toto’s sister and half-brothers have reach BOB, BOS and res-BOS positions at the famous Cruft’s dog show during the recent years.

Inbreeding-% of N-litter is 8 generations 0,5% and 16 generations 13,9%

The common ancestry of the parents goes back to the Asphodel A-litter in England in the 60’ies up to the level of line breeding. This connection is still visible on the qualities of the both parents. Another relationship dating back to the same times is the Baytor litter. Abdullah became the father of Bedouin Caliph and Autocrat is strongly behind the Swedish Kennel Ibinore. The mother Millie of the puppies is actually representing the Ibinore’s bitch line through her mother. Brothers Baytor are behind the puppies dozens of times as also the Asphodels.

The closest common ancestors behind the puppies are the brothers Classicus that lived their prime years in the 80’ies. Cato was the great grandfather of Toto’s father Kyrie, born in California, as also twice the sister Ismahane to Cato’s and Cicero’s mother Burydown Iphigenia. Cicero that lived in Finland is several times behind Millie.

The second closest common ancestor is the famous coursing saluki in England in the 70’ies Yazid Burydown Yehudi that is behind Millie through Sahrai salukis and also behind Toto through her mother several times.

The father Emir of the puppies’ mother Millie had a deep red colour. The deep red variant of sable is most likely produced by recessive red colour intensity genes. These salukis look a lot like, but are not grizzles.

Millie’s brother Otto or surprisingly also Toto’s daughter Kuriirin Erena May are very red and they have a lot of black on their face, tail and other parts of their coat. Some of Toto's offspring at the kennel Al Djiibaajah in Germany have a deep red colour. 

Zarabis Najat


Zarabis Nidal