Our background

We are located on an island called Kuusisto, near town Turku in Finland. We have good space for our salukis to run and play in a safe environment. We started with saluki year 1996 after a long and thorough investigation of dog breeds. We had a good luck with our first saluki. Saara was not perfect, but for sure versatile. The offspring of our salukis from our and other kennels is approaching 300 salukis in more than 10 countries, after four generations.

“Zarabis Versatile Salukis” means many-sided living companions to human and canines. Some salukis are able to hunt or do the artificial hunting tricks invented by man. Some look good and even stay alert to communicate and learn. Some do part of this or at least does it part of the time. Hopefully our salukis are versatile most part of the time.

Our first saluki was the late "Saara" or Asarafi Hierbabuena. She is the mother of Zarabis Malcolm, Melchior and Miriam. Saara was intelligent and fearless leader for our other salukis. Saara gained unwillingly Finnish and Swedish show championships. She was BOB at Kartano Weekend sighthound special show year 1998. Saara was very fast runner and her son Malcolm clearly inherited her talents and became the 9th triple (show, lure coursing and racing) champion in Finland and multiple winner of title races. Malcolm also became the first Nordic saluki able to win the European Championship in track racing. Malcolm’s son “Konrad” or Al A’lim I’smet ben Malcolm and daughter "Odessa" or Zarabis Odezia as also her sister "Sara" or Zarabis Oaisara lives with us. The latest family members are Odessa'a two puppies the bitch "Pilvi" or Zarabis Qesarah and the male "Pouta" or Zarabis Qandil. The white Pilvi is a reincarnation of our first saluki Saara, in colour and appearance.

Our second saluki was "Roosa" or Asarafi Iibis Rose. Roosa gained her Finnish and Swedish championships easily. Roosa has been the runner-up of bitches at the famous Skokloster sighthound special show year 2000. Roosa was very kind and favoured more people than other salukis. Roosa was not versatile, but we think that she was one of the most beautiful salukis we have ever seen. Saara’s and Roosa’s late breeder Veronica Margelin was very proud to be able to produce Roosa. Roosa became almost 16 years old and died peacefully on her own sofa.

Zarabis Miriam or "Millie"was during her younger years a fast runner like his brother Malcolm. Millie has a wonderful deep red colour. Millie is very intelligent and more devoted to human than her mother was. Millie took a very good and patient care of her puppies. Especially the hunting advice she gave was worth to follow. Millie has had a warm relationship to all puppies we have had, despite of their origin. Millie left us at an age of 14 years and 9 months.

"Toto" or Tasia Eminence is from England. Toto’s father Kyrie was one of the most prominent saluki stud dogs ever lived in England. Toto's several siblings have been at the top of the biggest dog show in the world, Crufts. Toto is a real gentleman with good interpersonal and intercanine skills. Toto is a versatile working saluki part of the time, but an affective living companion all the time. Toto likes solitude at home, but is the first to claim travelling ticket to all kinds of happenings outside. Toto has six litters of which two abroad. Toto'a daughter "Alice" or Wallaby's Xeer Wi-Ijal, the mother of Odessa and Sara, lives with "Otto" or Zarabis Melchior on the same property with us, but in a different household. Also Toto’s and Millie's son “Lalli” or Zarabis Nidal lives with us. We thought that the strong and healthy Toto will live forever, but Toto left us at an age of 13 years and 9 months.

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