Zarabis Qandil


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Young Pouta the 6th of April 2015, photo Ritva Latva-Rasku


Pouta was born the 20th of November 2013 for a litter of four males and five bitches. Pouta was among the biggest at birth, but became the smallest male.

Inbreeding - %: 8 generations 0,25% and all known generations 6,3%.

Father line leads to Sahand of Iransamin (imported from Iran) and mother line leads to Hoshah el Bahrein (Sheba Mazuri)

Breeder and owner: kennel Zarabis, Ritva and Jari Latva-Rasku.

Already before the eyes of Pouta's siblings opened, the other puppies grawled to sleep beside of their brother Pouta. Later on Pouta was nursing the puppies of his otherwise puppy sheltering aunt. Pouta most likely has the ability to produce a special feeling of security. Pouta's grandfather was also eagerly playing with puppies never mind their breed.


Genetic Diversity (situation the 16th of Nov 2017)

Zarabis Qandil 37.7%

Saluki 35.0%

(> 100 tested dogs)

General Health Index 110