Tasia Eminence


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Toto in August 2011

Toto was born the 22nd of February, 2003.

Inbreeding - %: 8 generations 3,2% and 16 generations 15,5%

Father line leads to Sarona Kelb and mother line leads to Sheila of Amman (Nablous).

Breeder: Liz Metcalfe and Martin Green, Kennel Tasia.

Toto was imported from England. Toto’s father Timaru Valkyrie of Jazirat or “Kyrie” has been the saluki stud dog of the year 8 consecutive years in England and Toto's siblings have been several times on the top of the famous Cruft's dog show. Toto has excellent interpersonal and inter-canine skills and therefore there has been no problems living with our Malcolm and later on with Malcolm's son Konrad.

Toto’s lure coursing is from the human point of view either good or bad. Toto has been able to learn and remember the system of the lure coursing track only by looking the moving lure from distance. Then it was easy to run to the right position to wait for the lure. Toto is our best hunter and there has been no doubt of Toto's ability to find his own food from the wild nature.


Genetic Diversity (situation the 18th of Aug 2015)

Tasia Eminence 33.6%

Saluki 35.9%

(> 30 tested dogs)

General Health Index 100