Asarafi Hierbabuena



Saara was born the 19th of July, 1996. She passed away the 29th of december 2004.

Inbreeding - %: 8 generations 7,8% and 16 generations 19,3%

Father line leads to Arabic Walad el Kharram (Samoems) and mother line leads to Hosha el Bahrein (Sheba Mazuri)

Breeder: Veronica Margelin, Kennel Asarafi.

Saara was a saluki to remember with all the intelligence and problem solving skills in the every day life. Climbing ladders, opening all kinds of doors, bags and boxes was a routine for Saara. Saara was also "talking" a lot especially with the good saluki friends, but also with people Saara accepted. Saara couldn't understand what fear was, but Saara was obedient, and understood well the rules of group behaviour.

It is evident that Saara's litter inherited their running abilities from their mother. Saara was once the winner of the inofficial Lure Coursing Championship of the Finnish Saluki Club and Saara could easily brake the track records during inofficial practising sessions. Saara had too hot temperament to gain any racing license to attend official races, but it was always a pleasure to see the power of her running.

Year 1998 Saara became the BOB at a major sighthound special show at the Helsinki Sighthound Club. Saara was too independent and intelligent for show occasions she couldn't fully control.