Zarabis Oaisara - results


Sara is waiting the FCI confirmation for the international working championship, Champion International de Course, C.I.C.. Sara has 3 CACIL and 1 reserve CACIL for her championship. Sara is also Finnish and Estonian lure coursing champion and also Estonian show champion.


Sara started the lure coursing a bit late during the season 2011. We were uncertain about the talents of Sara, but the otherwise calm Sara turned out to run with an excellent agility and cleverness. Sara has been coursing a lot and the main achievement is for sure the consistency. Sara has been able to win lure coursing six times and has been among the three best 14 times.

At the Finnish lure coursing Cup finals Sara became third year 2012.

Sara was elected to the Finnish team for the lure coursing European championships during the year 2012 and 2013.

Sara has the racing license.


Sara has before the end of year 2013 attended dog shows in Finland 24 times, and has once been BB-2, BB-3 and BB-4. Sara has one reserve certificate and has received excellent 19 times. Sara has no problem to meet the requirements of the breed standard, but should have more confidence in the ring. 


Sara was the 6th best lure coursing saluki at the TOP-list of the Finnish Saluki Club during the season 2011, which was the first season for Sara. During the year 2011 Sara was also the sixth best bitch at the TOP-list of the Finnish Sighthound Association.

Sara became 6th at the lure coursing TOP-list of the Finnish Saluki Club year 2012.Sara was also the third best bitch at the TOP-list of the Finnish Sighthound Association the same year.

During the season 2013, Sara's mating season and false pregnancy period covered the whole season and only the last coursing of the season brought a win.


More information will be found at the website of the Finnish Saluki Club and at the website of the Finnish Kennel Club.